Investment Process

Develop market outlook that is continously updated and refined

  • - Analyze and synthesize data from our universe of strategists, research firms, asset managers and periodicals
  • - Identify asset class mispricings and those we believe to be undervalued

Establish a recommended asset allocation for each client based on investment goals, objectives and liquidity needs

  • - Customize based on dialogue with client
  • ​- Analyze alignment with our overall global framework

Evaluate managers

  • - Screen investment universe for managers using various institutional databases and financial industry contacts
  • - Interview and analyze managers
  • - Continue to search for and review new managers that fit a specific view or offer an innovative approach to finding value

Implement and monitor a customized investment solution

  • - Engage active and passive strategies to express our current views about asset classes
  • - Provide monthly or quarterly report on the entire portfolio
  • - Monitor portfolio relative to strategy objectives