The Arcus Difference

Our People

Each of Arcus’ investment professionals is highly experienced and thoroughly trained in the fundamentals of wealth preservation. In addition, through extensive hands-on investing for clients in various market cycles at some of the most prestigious wealth management organizations in the world, we believe each of our professionals has the discipline, rigor and investment acumen to help Arcus clients “grow wealth sensibly”. 

Our Incentives are Aligned with our Clients

Arcus invests firm and personal capital in the investment strategies we recommend to our clients.  In doing so, our incentives are completely aligned with those of our clients.  

Truly Independent Advice & Transparent Pricing

Whether it is in the form of investment management, or in connection with a wide range of strategic and financial matters, clients of Arcus receive advice that is independent, transparently priced and in support of their specific goals.

Disciplined Customized Asset Management 

Arcus employs a two-tiered investment approach to deliver its investment results.  The first tier matches each clients strategic asset allocation to their risk profile and long-term goals.  The second tier employs a bottom up analysis of investment manager due diligence and selection with whom we invest.  In doing so, Arcus applies a rigorous process that seeks to uncover and anticipate future opportunities, rather than extrapolating recent performance.    

Access to Unique and Differentiated Investment Strategies

As an independent advisor, Arcus is not limited by a finite list of investment strategies and managers like the traditional Wall Street broker/dealer.  In fact, given its size and investment acumen, Arcus is viewed as an institutional investor by the investment community and is regularly approached by the best and most recognizable investment managers in the world.  However, as an innovative and independent organization, Arcus is always in search of, no matter how large or small, unique investment strategies and managers to deliver superior investment returns to our clients.

Safety and Soundness of Client Assets

Arcus client assets are predominantly held at Charles Schwab & Company, which custodies over $2.2 trillion in client assets1.  Schwab has long been recognized as an industry leader in custody, safekeeping and securities processing and is the largest custodian for independent investment advisors like Arcus2.  Additionally, although Arcus has discretionary investment authority over most of its client assets, Arcus employees or third-parties can not move or transfer client assets into or out of any of it's custodians without the approval and at the direction of each respective client.  

1 The Charles Schwab Monthly Activity Report (Febuary, 2014), 3/14/2014.
2 Cerulli Associates and Charles Schwab Strategy reports.